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13:00–15:00 Ringlokschuppen, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Toilette 1. Etage
Interactive Installation

When we step into harsh reality, and when our topics are crises, wars, artificial intelligence, and environmental protection, the question is what is the opposite of that? Where tenderness has disappeared. How do we establish balance in life, when we are overwhelmed by difficult topics?

zoe gudović: Tenderness from the Toilet!

That’s why it’s good to visit the Toilet installation, where together we create a gentle narrative, which can become a toilet manifesto, depending on our collective reflection. You can forget and switch off for 15 minutes, and get involved in something completely different, re-fresh, tender/nest.


zoe gudović  is a lesbian artist, feminist, activist, cultural manager, producer and organizer. She comes from Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and from October 2021 she lives in Vienna.  Since 1995, she has been involved in the work and research of informal and engaged theater forms. In her practice, she combines art and activism in order to change the existing consciousness and social relations. Theater educator. Performer. Drag King Transformer. Toilet artist. Worked, founded or was in groups and collectives: Women at Work, Act Women, Queer Belgrade, Charming Princess-band, Reconstruction Women’s Fund. Lecturer at Women’s Studies (Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade), on the topic of Femist Art in Public Space. Organizer of street engagement performances against violence against women. Organizer of numerous campaigns for the visibility of LGBTQ +, women’s human rights and people from the margins. Since 2001, she has connected artists from all over the world with activists from Serbia under the name „Women’s Movement – Women’s Theater – Women’s Body“. Winner of the Jelena Šantić Award for a combination of art and activism. Winner of Befem’s Feminist Achievement Award for promoting feminism outside the feminist movement.

Zoe got scholarships/residencies: Handle with care selected by BEATE, brut wien, 2022, Goethe institute Serbia, 2018/2019/2020, Art residence Villa Waldberta, Munich, 2018 and 2019

She edits and hosts the radio show Ženergija. From June 2022 we can listen to her show once a week live on ORANGE 94.0.


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