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10:30–13:00 Ringlokschuppen, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Bühne 2

Natasha Borenko: Theatre as a place of anti-war workout.

Anti-War Playground / Antikriegsspielplatz

Participatory forms of theater make it possible to reimagine reality together with the audience, to give everyone the opportunity to rehearse the change. In times of war, we can use theatre tools to think about the structures in our society that still reproduce and sustain the existence of violence. In this workshop we will talk about violence in scenarios around us, in scripts of the games played over and over again. What plots, roles and rules tend to normalize the existence of war? Can we reflect on the rules and thereby change the structures that lead to war, violence, and power imbalances? Can theatre become a place where we change these rules?

The workshop is inspired by the project „REHEARSAL FOR THE STREET GAMES OF THE FUTURE“ by Ada Mukhina, Lisa Siomicheva and Natasha Borenko.

Workshop in English language

Natasha Borenko is playwright, director, performer, born in Siberia (USSR), based in Berlin (since 2018). Borenko creates participatory, documentary, game based political theatre and as a queer feminist migrant artist she sees participation as a tool to deconstruct the system and rehearse the change.

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